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Digestive Concerns

Dr. Christy Wallace, ND has a special focus on Digestive Concerns, and offers a variety of specialized tests to identify the root cause of many digestive disorders (including IgG food sensitivity testing, comprehensive stool analysis, SIBO breath testing, and parasite/bacteria/yeast analysis). There are many naturopathic treatment options including dietary changes, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.

Naturopathic medicine is very helpful for treating a wide variety of digestive concerns. Ensuring optimal function of the digestive tract is crucial for overall health and is a cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine.

We offer many specialized tests which can undercover the root cause of digestive issues, these include:

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

Comprehensive Parasitology (tests for bacterial/parasite/yeast overgrowth in the stool)

SIBO Breath Testing (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)


Naturopathic treatments include diet, supplementation, acupuncture and IV nutrient therapy. These treatments can help to rebalance the digestive system and restore optimal function of this system. IV therapy can be extremely helpful for correcting nutrient deficiencies in more severe digestive disorders with compromised absorption.

Naturopathic medicine can be used to treat:








Gas, bloating, indigestion

Abdominal pain